A taste of what we can offer

 Argentine heart of rump 

Flown in from the plains of Argentina.

This cut is packed full of flavour!

It's lean and tender, cooked with an expert hand on the Asado, and served thinly sliced with artisan bread.

 British beef rump 

This cut is packed full of flavour 

Lean and tender with a light peppercorn marinade, cooked on the Asado medium rare

and served in 1/2inch thick finger slices.

Black treacle cured, apple wood smoked loin steaks 

The best of British pork 

Beautifully succulent and tasty pork loin cured in West Country black treacle, smoked using apple wood for 24hrs 

An unbeatable combination! 

Lemon and pepper chicken 

Tender chicken drumsticks - always a favourite on the barbecue. 

Chicken drumsticks marinated in a blend of zesty lemon, pepper and mellow herbs 

Light and lean with tons of flavour!


Free range leg of lamb steaks 

English lamb steaks with a mint marinade 

Free range, succulent and tasty. A true taste of a summer BBQ! 

Lamb and mint..a tried and tested combination.

Rolled and stuffed lamb shoulder

British lamb shoulder with sage, onion and date stuffing. 

A succulent and tasty joint cooked over the open coals of the Asado.


An unbeatable combination of lamb and hand-made stuffing. 

Rolled and stuffed shoulder of pork 

British boneless pork shoulder with sage, onion and apricot stuffing 

A beautifully succulent and tasty joint cooked over the open coals of the Asado. 

An unbeatable combination of pork and hand-made stuffing. 

Handmade chimichurri beef burgers 

The taste of the Argentine, beef burgers are always a favourite on the barbecue. 

The burgers are made with perfectly aged meat with added chimichurri spices.


Succulent and juicy and made with TLC! 

Handmade lamb burgers 

A real treat, English hand reared lamb. 

Packed full of flavour with a hint of mint, British summertime produce at it very best



Handmade honeyroast pork sausages 

British pork shoulder marinated in honey and fresh herbs. 

Beautifully succulent and packed with flavour handmade sausage cooked over the open coals of the Asado.


Handmade “oak smoked” Lincolnshire sausages 

The wonderful taste of Lincolnshire sausage 

With the surprise added flavour from the smoker.. English oak 


Butterfly lamb neck 

British lamb marinated in mint and fresh herbs.


You will not taste better than this combination of flavours!


Moroccan meatballs 

Moroccan style beef meatballs in a spiced tomato sauce. 

Cooked in a heavy pan on the BBQ.  

These seasoned meatballs simmer in an aromatic tomato sauce for a mediterranean-style feast.

Thai Marinated chicken skewers 

Marinated chicken breast. 

BBQ grilled chicken kebab skewers marinated in fragrant Asian spice.

Pacific Ocean prawn & chorizo skewers 

A complementary combination packed full of flavour.

BBQ grilled skewers with a little rock salt. 

The punch of Spanish chorizo combined with the oceans finest.


The flavors will speak for themselves.. 


Tuna Steaks with a ginger & mandarin marinade 

A taste of the Indian ocean. 

Thick and meaty cut tuna steaks infused with ginger and mandarin.

Sweet ‘n sticky chicken drumsticks 

A real winner for a summer BBQ. 

Marinated chicken in a mixture of balsamic vinegar, honey, brown sugar,

soy sauce and minced garlic, which gives a wonderful balance of sweetness and saltiness.

Finished with a sprinkling of sesame seeds.


Traditional hog roast 

Hog cooked over open coal fire for 8-10 hours. 

As simple as it comes succulent meat and crunchy crackling. 

Served in a bun with lashings of apple sauce, sage and onion stuffing.


Spit roasted lamb 

Whole lamb/s cooked over charcoal and seasoned timber for 3-5 hours. 

With the addition of whole garlic cloves and rosemary sprigs provides the most flavoursome

and succulent lamb you will ever taste!

BBQ oven Pizza 

Charcoal fired pizza ovens 

You have the freedom to build your own pizza with a wide selection of fresh seasonal ingredients

including meat, game, fish and vegetables to suit you and your guests taste. 

This is a great way to accommodate the younger ones needs at a party or wedding or

as part of your evening/late bite menu. 

Sizes varying from 6” – 12” 

From simple margaritas to luxury pizzas, the possibilities are endless!


Minimum numbers will apply. 

Handmade Sausage selection

Pork and leek, Pork with tomato and basil, Pork lincolnshire, Pork and herb, Pork honey roast,

Premium hog roast, Spanish chorizo, Chicken and tarragon, South African boerwors, Pork and apple.

Vegetarian options

Stuffed red pepper with vegetarian risotto 

Courgette, mushroom, tomato and onion – cooked with a sweet olive oil dressing. 

Halloumi and Portobello 

Grilled Halloumi and garlic infused Portobello mushroom 

Halloumi and mushroom burger served in a brioche bun 

Vegetarian sausage 

Vegetarian pizza 

Barbecued vegetables with goats cheese 

Butternut squash, courgette and red onion cooked on the Asado. 

Seasoned with rock salt and cracked black pepper and crumbled goats cheese.




Gazpacho pasta salad 

Pasta salad full of tomatoes, sweet pepper, and cucumber 

penne pasta, coarsely chopped tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, chili and olives

A great summer accompaniment to any meats or just on its own (V) 

Asian noodle salad 

This dish is flavourful, light and totally satisfying. 

Egg noodles tossed in a punchy soy and ginger dressing, then brightened up with a

colourful mix of red peppers, scallions and cilantro, chopped peanuts and roasted sesame seeds

add a welcome crunch (V) 

Green and bleu Salad 

A green salad with a twist to treat all the senses. 

Refreshing lettuce, cucumber, spring onion, celery, grape, apple with crumbled bleu cheese and 

a lemon and honey twist dressing. 

Tabbouleh salad 

This dish is enjoyed by meat eaters and vegans alike. 

Bright and colourful this salad is as delicious as it appears. 

Fine bulgur, cucumber, tomato, red onion, scallions and herbs - parsley, chive and mint.


Summer rice

White creamy basmati rice with a truly English flavour. 

Finely chopped spring onion, red and yellow peppers. 

Salt and Pepper to season. 


Creamy coleslaw. 

A fresh and crunchy accompaniment to any meat.


New potatoes with butter and chives 

New season potatoes as they should be, hot with melted butter and fresh chives. 

Potato salad 

New season potatoes in creamy mayonnaise and crème fraîche.

With the option of finely chopped spring onion or chives and 

Freshly ground black pepper. 

Jacket potatoes 

Wrapped in tin foil and cooked under the coals.

A crispy outer skin with hot potato centre. 

Just add butter!! 

Artisan breads 

Freshly baked breads and rolls by an award winning bakery. 


Our pâtissiere can create beautiful pastries and desserts to order. 

Tarte au Citron 

Tarte au Chocolat 

Tarte de Pommes a la Normande 

Petit fours